Leadership & Governing Board

President’s Message

As one of our WELS four ministerial education schools, Michigan Lutheran Seminary exists to encourage young men and women in their high school years to consider serving the Lord as a pastor, teacher or staff minister in our church body. Because the school is owned and operated by the Wisconsin Synod, representatives from across our synod govern the affairs of our school.

On this page you see the men who have been elected by our synod to serve on the Governing Board of MLS. Several of them are alumni of our school. A few of them have a connection to the school in other ways. But all of them love this school and the mission that it fulfills.

If at any time you have questions about our school or what happens here on campus, you are welcome to contact any one of these men. They stand ready to assist you.

Please join me in thanking God for these men and the service they provide for our school. They serve because they love this school and because they understand Jesus’ imperative to pray for more workers in the harvest field (Matthew 9:38).

Loving and serving Him,

Rev. Mark T. Luetzow
President, Michigan Lutheran Seminary

Governing Board Members


Greg Gibbons (Pastor)

Craig Engel (Pastor)

Keith Kriewall (Lay Member) 

Andrew Retberg (Pastor)

Mark Eubank (Lay Member)
Adam Bode (Pastor)
Brent Diehm (Lay Member)
Steve Schultz (Teacher)

Advisory Board Members

Pastor Mark Schroeder,
WELS President
Pastor Paul Prange, 
BME Administrator
Pastor Snowden G. Sims,
MI District President
Pastor Mark Luetzow, 
MLS President